Honey Mustard Crockpot Wings Courtesy of the West Broadway Meat Co.

So, I was very sad when The Honest Butcher closed up shop. They really did make the best pork and fennel sausage ever. But…while wandering along Broadway feeling all mopey because my grocery circuit has been shorted out (i.e., Parthenon (Greek yummies), Young Bros (fruit and veg) and formerly the Honest Butcher ) I was delighted to find that the West Broadway Meat Co. had moved into the Honest Butcher’s old slot. Yay. As a rule we don’t eat a lot of meat (my son doesn’t think much of this) but when we do I like to make sure it’s locally sourced and not full of crap. We are also a Monsanto “no fly zone” … at least when it’s labeled. ¬†Anyway, today it’s hot as hell and there is no way I’m turning on the oven and the BBQ is scary (old and full of spiders). Lucky for me the fine folks at WBMC had some ready marinated honey mustard chicken wings. So, I’ve thrown them in the handy dandy crock pot. The only potential issue is that apparently it’s best to broil chicken wings a titch before crockpotting them but I like to live dangerously mwa, ha, ha.

The other thing I like about this shop (besides their branding…which is way nice) is their newsletter which lets you know where their products are coming from and provides recipes. I like to know I’m buying local and something about the producer. The recipes are handy for those days when work has fried your brain and you know the first thing you are going to hear when you walk in the door is “I’m hungry”. Anyone with a teenage boy knows what I mean. The only thing I would suggest is that they add a blog to their website so that they can archive both their newsletters, recipes and any local culinary events but maybe that’s in the works? In short, great new addition to the neighbourhood.

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