Great Food Blog: Love & Lemons

My friend Tracy Rowand is the beauty and brains behind A Taste to Savour catering here in Vancouver. Recently, she’s embarked on a gluten free adventure and has been posting recipes. One of them was for polenta with mushrooms that looked absolutely incredible – of course everything Tracy makes is incredible so I guess I’m not surprised. Tracy plays well with others and agreed to pass along the recipe (I wasn’t the only one clamouring for it). Anyway, the blog it came from is a gem called Love & Lemons. First, this blog looks absolutely gorgeous and second if the photography doesn’t blow you away the recipes will. There wasn’t one I read that made me go “meh”. The only sad thing is neither Jeanine or Jeff (the J&J behind L&L) like olives. But that’s ok…I will just add them in on the sly. Thanks Tracy! And I’ll be keeping an eye out for those party platters and the new bloggity blog.

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